What next after the million-man march?

What next after the million-man march?

Yesterday it was Africa day. While the African countries were celebrating the Africa day thousands of Zanu Pf youth marched in Harare in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe. Now the question is what is next for these youth after the million-man march? Thousands of the youth who gathered at the Robert Mugabe Square yesterday are now back in their homes now with no hope of improvement of their situation. Around 80 percent of the people remain unemployed, industries will continue to close, social service delivery remains poor and the health and education sector are below standards.

As CCDN we feel if the youth should march, they should be marching against poverty, unemployment hunger, corruption and the violation of their constitutional rights which is the order of the day. The youth should be demanding 2,2 million jobs promised to them by Zanu PF leaders during the 2013 elections. The politicians should stop abusing the youth for their political gains but instead should be working on solving the country’s problems.

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