Drug abuse by youths in Chitungwiza

Drug abuse by youths in Chitungwiza

Chitungwiza has been experiencing an alarming increase of drug abuse among the youths. The majority of the youths in Chitungwiza, some of them who are recent graduates from universities and other technical training colleges are unemployed. Many of these youths are turning to consumption of or trading in illegal drugs or substances to drown their sorrows and frustrations over their unemployment, or as a source of income. Youths in Chitungwiza also end up resorting to musical genres that promote drug abuse. Cannabis (mbanje, marijuana) is the most common consumed drug by the youths in Chitungwiza. Other drugs such as glue and cough mixtures such as Broncleer (bronco) are also consumed and abused by the youths.

Most youths both boys and girls in the community are now addicts of these drugs. The effects of such an addiction can cause dangerous changes in the mind, body and spirit of the drug addict. Drug addiction also has negative impact on the fabric of the society. CCDN urges the government, parents and the youth themselves to acknowledge the severity of the drug problem and its devastating impact on the health of the community. CCDN encourages the government should install controlling measures especially on the importation of drugs and intoxicating drinks especially from our neighbouring countries. Currently CCDN is doing awareness raising campaigns in the form of road shows to reduce drug abuse.

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