Saturday 26 November saw the Chitungwiza Community Development Network joining the rest of the world in commemorating the 16 days of activism against gender based violence by conducting a colorful car rally road show. The 16 Days of activism were running under the theme Raising money to end gender based violence.

The event kicked off at 0900 hours from opposite Makoni Police Station with the high performances from a boy’s dance group from St Mary’s which displayed a wonder face of talent invested within the local art.

The stage then took the attention of the audience and the message upon the stage read “Ngatibatanei kupedza mhirizhonga kuvanhukadzi nevanasikana” meaning “Let Us Unite to End Violence against women and girls”. Making much sense to the public they begun to show anticipation by drawing closer but time and proximity was not at anybody’s side the and motor cade begun to move.

The mobile stage and the bellowing car bells where irresistible for attention throughout Makoni Shopping Centre as the CCDN staff where in action distributing fliers carrying the message of the day. Women of course being the captains of the day were the main appreciators of the proceedings seeking the best solutions to the circumstances they meet. Man in particular showed divergent views in anticipating to the initiative of which many were saying women were the perpetrators of violence.

The program commenced towards unit O and the surrounding shops before the rains disrupted the proceedings as the audience was shuttered from the street edutainment. The need to deliver was the most anticipated objective among the hosts.

The platform to stage the message of peace against GBV at Unit L shopping centre were many were finding it difficult to move due to the muddy and pools. A stage was set forth on the verandah of one closed bottle store where the fun continued.

The stage stayed blazed by performances from two women dance groups battled it out for the course of women affairs with dynamic pieces of art in display. Despite the rains continuously falling the groups drew a multitude through there fanatic interchanges. The persistence performances saw the crowed really tuned in with the proceedings. This turned out to be a highly revolving contest which needed not a tying end as the dances became more momentous in articulation. The displays by the dancers left the crowd amused to the glamour.

Admire Mutize from CCDN took to stage as he gave an open statement towards the proceedings. He enlightened the audience on the course and cause of the event giving constantreferences to the theme and the basic fundamentals of human rights which when violated constitute the bulk of GBVs related issues. He reiterated that respect forms the backbone of human rights. Once one has lost that respect upon another them problems emerge which rightly lead to such circumstances of GBVs in all its forms. He apprehended the need to take the law seriously especially the GBV landmark act which highlights under 18 marriages as a crime. An applause from the crowd showed the appreciation for wise and enlightening words from the CCDN Programs Officer.

The show then commenced with an educative drama on GBV and its replications to both parties, male and female. The drama brought some fun moments as the actor authenticated how some unappreciative man can be disrespectful over their partners to an extent that they beat them(wives) for a plate of sadza. The drama displayed some emotional moments when the woman wasin deeptrauma from the husband’s abuse which saw the crowed applauding at them.

The dancing groups took over the show to a more modern dance hall moment in which the dancers did what they do best and the crowd in their singer along for favourite hits. A volunteer dancer was invited on the staged to win himself an orange the day campaign T-Shirt. A volunteer teen dancer fueled up the activity as his dances stormed a huge appreciation from the crowd with more cheering and encouragement to the brilliance.

The show ended on a high note with more music and dance as the audience clamored for more disregarding the wet conditions.

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