The reality of Abortion

Abortion has become cancerous in our societies and it is claiming thousands of lives of young women in Zimbabwe. Thousands of desperate young women are turning to unqualified medical practitioners as well as herbalists for termination of pregnancy; however in many cases they face fatal results. Recently in Zengeza a young woman known as Fortunate died during an apparent botched abortion leaving a trail of pain to her family and loved ones. Talking to Chitownews a girl identified as Fortunate’s sister said [...]

Heavy rains pile misery on residents of informal settlements of Nyatsime-Dunnotar in Chitungwiza.

By Admire Mutize. Sekai Bhamu, a twenty -nine year old mother of two school boys Nyasha (9), and Simba (12) lives in Nyatsime Phase 4 location, an informal settlement established across the Nyatsime river from Chitungwiza. Her two kids attend school in Chitungwiza and they rely on battered down Kombis for transport to and from school. The opening of schools in January 2017 coincided with the onset of torrential rains in Zimbabwe and for Sekai and her family; the joy [...]

Extra marital affairs and gender based violence

By Jill Mangachena COMMOTION arose at Huruyadzo market as a woman went around the market hitting her husband after finding out he was having an extra marital affair. The 33 year old woman identified as amai Shanty, who resides in St Mary’s Chitungwiza said she found out about the affair after she had gone to the market fetch her husband so that he can eat. “My husband really loves to drink but he has a tendency of drinking on an empty stomach [...]


Saturday 26 November saw the Chitungwiza Community Development Network joining the rest of the world in commemorating the 16 days of activism against gender based violence by conducting a colorful car rally road show. The 16 Days of activism were running under the theme Raising money to end gender based violence. The event kicked off at 0900 hours from opposite Makoni Police Station with the high performances from a boy’s dance group from St Mary’s which displayed a wonder face [...]