Drug abuse by youths in Chitungwiza

Chitungwiza has been experiencing an alarming increase of drug abuse among the youths. The majority of the youths in Chitungwiza, some of them who are recent graduates from universities and other technical training colleges are unemployed. Many of these youths are turning to consumption of or trading in illegal drugs or substances to drown their sorrows and frustrations over their unemployment, or as a source of income. Youths in Chitungwiza also end up resorting to musical genres that promote [...]

What next after the million-man march?

Yesterday it was Africa day. While the African countries were celebrating the Africa day thousands of Zanu Pf youth marched in Harare in solidarity with President Robert Mugabe. Now the question is what is next for these youth after the million-man march? Thousands of the youth who gathered at the Robert Mugabe Square yesterday are now back in their homes now with no hope of improvement of their situation. Around 80 percent of the people remain unemployed, industries will [...]